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Lisa Holte is a Contributing Photographer for Getty Images with concentration in conceptual and aesthetic still images. Both royalty free and rights managed editorial content photographs are licensed and exclusive rights managed by Getty Images. Purchase of her work can be found through the embedded "To Buy" button. A direct  link to her sales Getty portfolio gallery. 

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March 2019- Conceptual Nature Collection. Theme is "Cherries In The Snow" composition. Click on "To Buy" button as it directly takes you to Getty Images Creative website to view my latest work

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"She's truly a photographer with heart, and style" 

 ~Malan Breton 

World Renowned Fashion Designer 

"Lisa Holte has the eye of the Tiger! She knows how to capture the soul of the moment in her shots"

 ~Judy Sahagian

NYC Real Estate and CEO & President


Who Is Getty Images?


Getty Images is an imagery giant in communications and business. Notably recognized as one fo the most influential digital agency on the planet. At Getty, known to work with some of  the world's sought after photographers  and other creative professionals that provide powerful content. Where the world can discover content from artistic  creative, news, sport, and entertainment. A collection of impactful creative images that are exhibited worldwide. 

Can I purchase a licensed content directly from the Photographer? 


Unfortunately, no. The way it works is that the photographer is a contract contributor producing and providing artistic creative images that become licensed by the agency. Once content becomes licensed, they are exclusive and rights managed and are not sold separately by any other venue or agency not affiliated with Getty Images. 

How do license sales work?

 Getty Images handles all content sales itineraries for clients who wish to  a purchase license content. Price packages are outlined at Getty Images sales site.


All Royalty-Free licenses include global use rights comprehensive protection, simple pricing and volume discounts available. © GETTY IMAGES

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